How it Works

Virtual competitions in a variety of disciplines will be offered weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

Members may browse all present competitions and select classes that they wish to enter.


  1. Browse the competitions and decide what competition you wish to enter.
  2. Click the “ENTER COMPETITION” button.
  3. Fill out the Registration/Entry Form and provide payment information.
  4. Upload video.
  5. Complete payment.
  6. Competitor will receive e mail confirmation of entry and payment.
  7. Check back to see your results and review the judge’s notes!

HSI reserves the right to refuse video submissions under these or other conditions:

  1. Video is deemed to be unsafe by actions of horse, rider or other participants/bystanders involved and surroundings.
  2. Video submission is over three (3) minutes in length.
  3. Course requirements are not met.
  4. Video submission is poor quality or not able to be judged.
  5. Rider is not wearing an approved safety helmet with a permanently affixed harness.

Entry Fees are non-refundable. Please fill out the Question Form HERE.

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