About Us

Welcome to the modern age of competition and equestrian education!

HSI is a global learning forum, set in a virtual environment which will allow equestrians, regardless of discipline, age, level of experience or geographic location to improve their skill sets and enhance their knowledge base.

Our goal is to help create and foster horsemanship and education around the world.

This is your opportunity to take part and be on the forefront of a new method of learning, competing and enjoying equestrian sport.

At HSI, there is no such thing as a silly question, weak round or poor ride. For you, our member, each visit provides an opportunity to learn about you, your equine partner and your sport.

Through interactive and engaging opportunities, we will supplement your present training or lesson program while helping you to become more knowledgeable horse people and better athletes. HSI is here for you, providing opportunities for improvement and a chance for your partnerships with the horses you ride to reach their full potential.

Join us on the path to success and the journey of growth and education!